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Selling a high mileage car

Even if your car has high mileage, Best Car Buyer is still prepared to make you an offer for it.

In fact, as it happens, we are actively looking for high mileage cars to purchase at the moment and you may be surprised at just how much we can offer.

Please be aware that we don't normally buy cars over 6-years-old but, providing the service history is complete and the vehicle has been well maintained, then we aren't too worried about the mileage.

Many high mileage cars under six-years-old are ex company vehicles which tend to be serviced regularly and are well maintained. Most of the miles accumulated by these these vehicles tend to be on motorways which means the 'wear-and-tear' on items such as the brakes, the clutch and the gearbox is less than you may expect.

Occasionally, we have bought high mileage cars over six-years-old, especially if it is a rare or more 'specialist' vehicle. However, they must have a good service history and not too many previous owners.

Never sell a vehicle without speaking to Best Car Buyer first. We don't use high pressure sales techniques - if our offer is acceptable to you then great...if it isn't, we are more than happy to remove your details from our system!