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Appraising your Car

Best Car Buyer will always make the most accurate offer we can, based on the description you provide. Read our customer reviews to see what previous customers say about our excellent service levels and honest approach. We don't reduce our offers unnecessarily and we realise that it isn't possible to accurately describe the entire condition of your car as these things are subjective. All we ask is that you are as honest as possible and fair when describing your vehicle to us.

To help you we have prepared some pointers for you to consider when describing your car to us.

It is important to remember that just because we haven't been able to evaluate your car ourselves doesn't mean that you can describe an old banger as being in excellent, unmarked condition just to secure a better deal. We do carry out a brief check of the vehicle and its paper work on collection.

Of course we don't expect you to list every little chip and feint scratch, but it is important to be honest. Depending on the age and mileage of the car a few stone chips and feint scratches are to be expected. If your car is immaculate then let us know it may help us to make you a better offer.

If your car does have a couple of scratches, trolley dents, stone chips, scuffed alloys, chipped windscreen, etc... let us know, it may not affect the value as much as you think. As a general rule of thumb a scratch will polish out if you can't feel it when you run your finger nail across it. If you can feel it with your nail, then it is likely the panel will require painting.

Check your service history, have a look to see what stamps are in the book, or what receipts you have proving the services have been completed on schedule. Don't just guess, a good service history will increase the value of your car.

The other items that have a big impact on a vehicles value are its tyres. We do ask that you confirm all tyres have at least 4mm tread on them. This is what we need to be able to re-sell the cars. It isn't a problem if they have less than 4mm, but if you let us know in advance then we can adjust our offer accordingly and again, make sure you are getting the most accurate offer before agreeing to sell your car to Best Car Buyer.

Equally make sure you let us know about any items that may add value to the car, i.e. brand new tyres, leather interior, factory fitted satellite navigation, climate control etc...

At Best Car Buyer our aim is to make the process of selling your car hassle free. We will discuss your vehicles condition, optional extras and service history over the phone and answer any questions you may have. If your car is described honestly and accurately then you can be sure our offers will be genuine and can be compared on a like for like basis when selecting the best deal for yourself.

Out collection drivers are independent and are not there to start renegotiating the deal we have agreed on. They don't even know what we are paying for your car.

If you have any questions about selling your car, or the price you have been offered for your car, please call on 01482 321116 or email us, [email protected]